The Bishop Harrison Scholarship Program


This is what we are all about…


Our Mission

To encourage and fully support our young adults in their quest to pursue a college education, so that

they may reach their fullest potential as tomorrow's leaders and future professionals, enjoy

rewarding and fulfilling lives, and to return and help facilitate prosperity and growth at the Church

of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Which He Purchased with His Own Blood,



Our Goal

The ultimate goal of every scholarship is to empower our young people to become educated,

independent, proud, and successful children of God. The Bishop Harrison Scholarship program will

financially create opportunities for graduated high school seniors to attend a college or university in

their pursuit of obtaining both educational and career goals.


Our Commitment

We will not rest despite the progress that is being made to continuously influence our young people

that there is a better way of life, and a better quality of life, which is afforded through education.


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Bishop L.L. Harrison Scholarship Application - Scholarship Application Packet Components - 2020 2.0

Bishop L.L. Harrison Scholarship Application - Scholarship 2020-2021 Application - COVID-19